My Mom passed away in 2001 after a 10 year battle with breast cancer. That is about the time I picked up riding my dirt bike again. From that experience I have learned that none of our tomorrows are guaranteed and we better get busy doing the things that most matter to us now!

I decided to combine my love of the sport of motocross with my compassion for ladies dealing with breast cancer and from that created MX RIDE FOR THE CAUSE.

This event allows the motocross community to come together in a fun, positive atmosphere while promoting breast cancer awareness and raising money for much needed services. The money raised goes to helping the ladies in our community as well as surrounding communities in dealing with this disease.

We have wonderful sponsors who are faithful to us each year, and an incredible network of people dedicated to making a difference.

Please join us and let’s fight this together while having some fun!

Thank you,
Laurie Cary