3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Vehicle Painting Station

Body painter with airgun spraying paint on a car

As businesses everywhere move towards an eco-friendlier approach to sell products and provide services, going green isn’t just a trend anymore; it’s becoming a way of life. Here are three ways you can keep up with the times.

1. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Contain paint overspray, vapor, and odor within a confined space, such as spray booths for sale, which are designed for a safer and more efficient paintwork. These paint booths offer a solution to reduce the discharge of harmful spray paint elements into the environment, especially within the facility.

It’s a safer alternative to carrying out a paint job, reducing the exposure of a worker to harmful chemicals and the inhalation of paint particles that can be dangerous to one’s health.

Spray booths come with different ventilation system layouts, as well as lighting equipment built into the design. The ventilation system works to contain the air within the booth and direct its flow toward the intakes that are strategically situated around the booth.

This way, the air that carries paint vapor and particles are directed straight to a chamber that traps the harmful chemicals before it is released into the atmosphere. These controls allow for a better paint job, as the vehicle is confined in a space that’s free of dust or particles, resulting in a smoother finish.

2. Use eco-friendly building materials.

man holding car spray paintIf you’re looking to expand your workspace but are concerned about the downtime, using repurposed containers for building the structure is not only cost-effective, it’s also time-efficient. These containers are sturdy and last a lifetime, and make excellent building materials that have a low environmental impact and help reduce waste by repurposing them.

Given its original purpose as storage and containers for shipping goods, these containers are completely weatherized, so you can be sure that it can stand the test of weather and time. These containers can also be stacked, so if you do decide to expand your workplace again in the future but don’t have the land space to accommodate the expansion, you can do so vertically.

3. Add a green corner.

When it comes to working with vehicles — with all the fixing and painting going on at the facility all day — creating spaces for workers to take their breaks and away from the work area is an important aspect of improving the health and safety of your employees.

Aside from making the usual pantry supplies, fresh drinking water, and hygiene products available for them to use, adding some greenery into the workplace surroundings can help reduce the number of toxic chemicals in the air and help circulate fresher, cleaner air within the facility.

Amp the greenery up in the break room with indoor plants that thrive in low light, minimal watering, and work to absorb odor and purify the air. These additions may be small but create a positive impact on the health of the workers and the environment within your work facility.

Upgrading your work facility doesn’t have to cost a lot and doesn’t have to interrupt your daily work schedule. These quick and eco-friendly upgrades will definitely improve the workplace without setting your schedule back and yield great results, too; the small, quick improvements that go a long way.