4 Telltale Indications That You Should Replace Your Windshield


Besides serving as a navigating tool for drivers, the windshield plays other integral roles such as serving as a safety component. Due to the sensitivity of windshields, drivers should avoid driving around with broken or faulty auto glasses. A damaged windshield interferes with your ability to see, which makes your driving a nuisance and puts your life at risk.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid every piece of debris, rock, or leaf that flies down on the road. Your car’s windshield will crack or get chipped at the point of impact when debris or rock falls on it. When that happens, you may have to repair or replace your windshield for maximum performance. The damage could be too massive or risky for repairs, which necessitates an auto windshield replacement. It can be challenging at times to determine whether you need to repair or replace your windshield. As such, these signs can guide you to know when it is time to replace your car’s windshield:

The windshield is blocking your view

One of the first signs that you will probably notice that indicate the need to replace your windshield is when it is blocking your view. Unfortunately, most drivers ignore this sign with the misconception that the crack is small. What they don’t know is that their driving depends on their ability to make split-second decisions. Unfortunately, a windshield that is blocking your view will interfere with your ability to make split-second decisions. You need to replace your windshield as soon as you notice this sign.

The windshield has multiple cracks

cracked windshield

When a crack develops in your windshield, it creates a weakness in its structural integrity, which means that the glass is no longer as durable as it was before. The windshield will not offer you maximum protection if it has several cracks in the event of a car accident. Therefore, you need to be concerned when the windshield has multiple cracks because it means that it has a weakness in several areas. Such a windshield requires replacement.

There is worn-out PVB

Modern windshields have a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. The layer protects the glass from shattering into shards. Therefore, if you have noticed white haze building up around the car’s windshield, you need to be concerned. It is a sign that the PVB inside the auto glass is wearing out, which requires replacement as soon as possible.

Winter has ended, and the windshield does not feel or look the same

Winter can be a tough time for humans and worse for your vehicle’s windshield. Cars get exposed to cold weather during the winter months, as well as salt, snow, and hail. Consequently, the windshield develops pits, chips, and cracks. Therefore, you need to replace your windshield if you have noticed that it feels or looks different after winter.

These indications will make it easier for you to know when you need to replace your windshield. You need to act fast and replace a damaged windshield to protect your car and yourself as you drive. Also, it is wise to call a repair technician as soon as you notice that your windshield is faulty.