Before Starting Your (Food) Truck

Food truck

When you wish to jump into the food business industry but aren’t ready to invest in a large scale operation such as a restaurant, a food truck may be the best option for you. Food trucks are a lot easier to set up, and are significantly cheaper than restaurants. As such, they are seen as a lower-risk option to get into the food business and is an excellent way to test your culinary skills, menu, and market. A lot of well-performing restaurants started as food trucks; they built their brand, menu, and funding through their food truck operations.

Be Where the People Are

With food trucks, you can go where the customers are; you can drive to an area with good foot traffic instead of trying to pull customers to your restaurant or food stall, and you can showcase your food and take advantage of fairs, concerts, and other events. But before you start your food truck business, here are things you’d want to consider first:

Do Your Research

Even though food truck businesses are considered low-risk as they require less investment than restaurants, they still do tend to fail. The failure rate of food trucks are at 60% according to studies, but at least they won’t do as much damage to your finances as a failing restaurant would. Regardless, it’s essential for you to do your research to reduce the risks of failure. Make sure that you know your target market and your competition before starting your food truck business; see if there’s a market for the food you offer and other businesses are offering the same products. You should also take note of your pricing, so it’s important to take a look at the price of raw ingredients in your area, your suppliers, and see if your menu pricing is suitable for your target market.

Name and Concept

Now that you’ve done your research, you should come up with a good name, menu, and concept. Find something that’s catchy or easy to remember, and make sure that you stand out amongst your competition.

Social Media Will Be Your Main Tool

A lot of businesses depend on social media, but more so for food trucks. Especially for food trucks that don’t stay on one spot, it’s important for your customers to know where you are, and you can do that through social media. Social media would also be your main marketing platform, and it would be best to partner up with food delivery businesses through social media to make your food and brand more accessible.


Holding money

As said earlier, food truck businesses are a lot cheaper, but you still need to put up a considerable amount of funds to start your business. You can always take a traditional business loan from the bank, borrow from friends and family, or approach possible business partners that could fund your food truck venture.


If you’re set on starting your food truck, it would be time to take the steps outlined in this article. But if you don’t have a truck or car to convert into a food truck, fret not, there are a lot of used truck dealers in Arizona and all over the country that you can take advantage of. Starting your own food truck business is easier than starting a restaurant, and it’s a lot easier as long as you keep these pointers in mind.