Filming Offroad Adventures Safely


It hasn’t been too long ago that the Paul brothers of YouTube fame were being persecuted for their dangerous pranks that ran the gamut from driving straight into the pool to burning their house down. Many said they crossed the line between fun and reckless, and the brothers did not seem to care as long as they were getting millions of views. However, things changed when a series showed how their childhood family dynamics shaped them as adults. More importantly, it was revealed that their dangerous prank videos were scripted.

Because of how believable their videos were, there’s no excuse for you to film reckless ATV adventures just to get the views. Rather, work on a safe experience that will leave everyone with that adrenaline rush without endangering their lives. Here are some safety checks to do before you start filming:

Have the ATV Serviced

You don’t want to ride an ATV with a faulty engine. A side by side service is one of the most important things you need to schedule in Salt Lake City so that when you get started on your filmed adventure, you feel confident that the vehicle will not fail you. This makes each ride more fun–even if you’re doing a simple off-road drive–because you know that the engine will not cause preventable accidents. Especially when driving on icy paths, you want your ATV to navigate with ease and without endangering you or people you encounter on the road.

Check Mirrors

Wheel of a van

Your side-view mirrors should give you a good view of your surroundings. Check and adjust their position before you get started on your drive. Sure, most filmed videos will not include long, continuous drives, but this is no excuse to be reckless about your mirrors. It’s good practice to adjust them to give you a good view of obstacles and objects on the road. Keep doing this practice so it will feel like second nature to you.

Stay Focused

Side-by-sides are geared towards adventurous small groups, usually duos. It’s enough for two to six passengers to sit comfortably, but the small group is no guarantee that there will be no distractions coming from inside the vehicle. The driver should focus on driving, while passengers should be alert, as well. If you’re filming, the camera can be attached to the ATV instead of someone holding it. This gives you more stable shots, and two free hands to signal or help others on the vehicle. Of course, handheld cameras give that authenticity to your video, and it’s understandable that you may prefer that. Should you choose to go with handheld cameras, there should be a designated cameraman on the crew.

Know the Terrain

You’re trying to film an off-road adventure so you think it’s okay to go down an unfamiliar path. This is dangerous and irresponsible if you don’t familiarize yourself with the location beforehand. You don’t know where sharp turns are, and where there might be a potential blockage. More importantly, you don’t know danger spots that could be waiting ahead. Walk the trail before proceeding with the shoot, just to give you an idea of things to watch out for.

You want videos that show your daredevil personality while on your precious ATV, but do you really need to be careless in real life? Check your location and be mindful of your surroundings to prevent accidents.