Grow Your Chances of Succeeding as a Truck Driver

Driver using the radio

The trucking sector is on the upswing, creating numerous job opportunities for truck drivers. By treading carefully, you can increase your chances of getting into this profitable line of work and reap great rewards.

Despite the crucial role that they play in the economy, truck drivers are often underappreciated. With the help of these hardworking folks, the trucking sector moves over 70 percent of the freight in the country.

That makes the sector quite lucrative for both drivers and the trucking firms. As a driver, you should take every possible precaution to ensure that you are adequately rewarded for your services. Here are some proactive measures to ensure that you have a fulfilling career as a trucker:

Don’t Lie

While the times might be tough, you shouldn’t resort to lying on your application to get employment. Sooner or later, this white lie might come back to haunt you in the worst way possible. You might find yourself facing the sack or worse prosecution if found out. You need to come out clean about the medical, training, referrals, and traffic violations that you might have.

The same case applies to any history of drug and alcohol abuse. Most employers will dig into your background to get a better feel of their new hire. If they unearth any information that is contrary to what you’ve provided, you will get into trouble. Any mishap that you make while carrying out your duties also affects the company. As such, trucking companies go the extra mile to fill their rank with reliable individuals.

Read Your Contractual Agreement

Truck drivers reviewing a documentDon’t sign a contract without understanding the contents to secure a job. You might agree to some unfriendly terms that can have an employer taking advantage of you. Be clear on the pay package, benefits, working hours, and home time.

In Washington, you can ask a trucking lawyer to review the contract. Doing so will ensure that there are no clauses that can haunt you later or make your life miserable. You will have a hard time filing a charge against your employer if you sign a flawed contract. Seeking proper legal assistance can shield you from employers seeking to exploit you or subject you from harsh working conditions.

Don’t Shirk Your Duties

You need to understand that wearing a company’s uniform transforms you into a brand ambassador. As such, anything you while behind the wheel reflects on the company. As a professional, you should take all measures to increase the safety of the cargo you’ll be transporting.

It means that you need to ensure that cargo is loaded and secured in the truck before embarking on a trip. It reduces damages and losses, growing your credibility. Know the load capacity of your truck and ensure that it’s not overloaded. You need to pace yourself while on the road, and don’t put in more hours than stipulated by law.

You need to cover your bases while applying for a trucking job to make the most of the available opportunities. If you project the image of a professional trucker and live up to your promises, you’re unlikely to get into any legal trouble. It means that you are in a position to hold your employer accountable should they try to shortchange you.

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