Here’s the 411 on Paint Booths

Man wearing painting suit for cars

A car spray booth is a great investment for your automotive business, as it can open other avenues for revenue. If you want to add a car painting service to your existing list of services, then investing in one is one way to go. There is even a portable variation which is inflatable. This type of spray booth can also be great for automotive pop-up events or car shows and festivals, as you can offer quick paint job services to attendees and car enthusiasts.

There are different types of spray booths for sale available in the market today. If you’re looking for the right type of booth for your automobile painting business, here are the basics that you need to know.

Design and Air Flow

The booths can be classified in three different designs: open type, non-pressurized, and pressurized. The open type has one side open, where the air flows through to the exhaust plenum. Non-pressurized and pressurized designs can be configured with different air flow directions such as crossflow, downdraft, side downdraft, and semi-downdraft. There’s more about these configurations below.

Air Flow Configuration

Here are the different ways air can enter and exit the booth.

•    Crossflow
The air moves through the booth, crossing from one end to the other.

•    Downdraft
This configuration requires headroom where the air can enter the booth and an excavated pit on the floor where the air can exit the booth.

•    Side-downdraft
The air comes in from the ceiling and is drawn out through the exhaust area on each side of the booth.

•    Semi-downdraft
The air comes from the ceiling and is drawn out through the exhaust area on one side of the booth.


Depending on the booth panels, lighting can be configured in two ways: vertical and horizontal. In many instances, horizontal lighting is preferred as it allows enough light to pass around an object and prevent shadowing. For a more even distribution of light across the top and sides of the object being painted, light fixtures can be mounted in the upper corners of the booth. This is called hip-lighting.


Man painting a car

Portable booths offer the convenience of mobility by having the reliability of a dedicated painting room and the flexibility of setting up anywhere because of its portability. This allows you to offer on-site and off-site paint job services without having to put up a permanent structure and using one that you can easily assemble and dismantle and pack away after the work is done.

These basic bits of information about spray booths should give you an idea of what type of structural design, air flow configuration, and lighting configuration best suits your painting work requirements and the available space in your business. If you already know what you want or need further assistance in selecting the best type of booth for your space,  get in touch with a provider who can set up and install the best type of booth that meets your space and business needs.