Is Buying a Sprinter Van Worth It?

Minivan on the road


Since their introduction into the U.S. market in 2001, Sprinter vans have been massively purchased all over the country. This isn’t surprising at all since these vehicles have lived up to the expectations of consumers, making them really popular.

Over the years, the hype and the enormous sales garnered by these vans have encouraged the vehicle company to upgrade and develop newer and better models. As expected, these modifications have strengthened and popularized these vans even more.

Despite all the good aspects though, a lot of people are still thinking twice about purchasing one. This doubt is, ultimately, brought upon by the expensive price tag that they come with. And if you’re one of these people, it’s perfectly normal to feel unsure about shelling out a hefty amount of cash. Take a look at why a new Sprinter van for sale in Salt Lake City can be a good investment.


Flexible Variations and Configurations

Contrary to popular belief, Sprinter vans don’t come in just one form or size. Currently, there are three variations, namely cargo, crew and passenger. While they don’t differ much in specifications or features, they’re still designed a little different from one another.    

A cargo van is designed to fit three people with one row of seating while the rest of the space is reserved for, as the name suggests, cargo or equipment. A crew van, on the other hand, is made to fit up to six people with two rows of seats and the remaining room is treated as cargo space. Lastly, the passenger van has four to five rows of seats. This type of Sprinter van can accommodate up to 15 people without any problem.

There are also other configurations available regardless of the variation. You can choose from different roof heights and wheelbase length, whichever suits your needs the most.

Despite having distinct builds, one thing remains true about Sprinter vans. With a spacious interior, they’re mainly designed to accommodate large groups. So if you’re thinking of purchasing one for family outings, road trips with friends or group adventures, this is the perfect vehicle for you.



gasoline being put in a car

While you might initially have to shell out a large amount of cash for a new Sprinter van, the bright side is that you can save up a lot on fuel and maintenance expenses. These vans are known to have diesel engines, so they are expected to be durable and fuel-efficient.

In the long run, investing in this type of van can yield bigger savings than initially purchasing other vehicles for a lower price only to have you spend a fortune in fuel and maintenance.


Perfect for a Life on the Road

A part of why Sprinter vans are currently popular is the fact that more and more Americans are opting for an adventurer’s lifestyle. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of people converting their vehicles into a “home” with wheels.

Sprinter vans, to say the least, are the perfect candidate for this type of conversions. With lots of room onboard, flexible configurations and convertible interiors, Sprinter vans can be customized into anything. Your imagination is the limit.