Key Factors Affecting Your Auto Loan Financing

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Auto loan financing has recently been the go-to option for many car buyers in Boise and beyond. But, how will you know which auto loan will suffice to cover the amount of that sprinter van that you are planning to buy? Consider these:

Total Loan

How much do you plan the financing to cover? Here, it is best if you can comfortably foot some amount of the total price of the vehicle that you are buying. That will increase the number of lenders from whom you can take the auto loan. They will not have to part with a large amount to offer you as an auto loan. Since the amount will be less, the value of the security to table as collateral is also low. Lenders also prefer lending out smaller loans than larger ones since the level of risk is lower. That does not mean you cannot get full financing for your vehicle. But, to be safe, inquire about that from your auto dealer. They, most probably, could be having the best options for you.


Loan terms are the duration within which you should have cleared the loan. Looking through history, auto loan lenders have been extending long terms over time. Largely, that depended on the average cost of cars rising over the years. So, lenders determined to adjust the terms to accommodate clients that would not be in a capacity to service larger loans in less time. By the close of the last decade, most auto loan terms were within the 60-72 bracket. Today, the loan terms that most auto loan lenders register are between 72 and 84 months.

Monthly Payments

man and woman applying for car loanFrom a recent study by Experian, typical monthly repayments for car loans were $530 and $381. Nerd Wallet continues to highlight that these premiums, however, depended on whether the car loan was for new or used vehicles, respectively. Therefore, right before you apply for your lender to process the auto loan, decide whether you are buying a new or used vehicle. From that, your lender will use the value of the car you are buying to determine the monthly payments that you should be doing.

Interest Rate

As Value Penguin notes, in 2018, rates averaged at 4.21 percent for most of the 60-month auto loans. The rates further varied depending on the monthly payments as well as the amount of auto loan. You can use that as a general rule to approximate the rate at which that car loan you are aiming for will be. You also can renegotiate for softer rates with your lender. The high chances are that you can secure a lower rate if your creditworthiness and credit score are appreciably high.

Owning that sprinter van does not have to remain a pipe dream any more. You can get all the financing that you need in Boise to own one and repay the loan in monthly premiums that you can afford to service. It is crucial that you also note that all the above factors vary depending on the lender that you will choose. So…choose right.

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