Make Your Car Run Better with These Budget-Friendly Hacks

car water and fuel meters

Car engines, like any machine with moving parts, require periodic maintenance to run better. If the modern car’s ECU is its brain, the engine is its heart and soul.

That is why it’s important to perform maintenance works on your car to keep it running efficiently under any driving condition. One hack is to have your car serviced by a UK company that specializes in carbon cleaning treatment services to remove carbon deposits inside the engine. This maintenance job will help your car run better, conserve fuel, and lower harmful emissions.

Aside from this fairly-cheap periodic upkeep, you should try the following budget-friendly ways to make your car run smoothly:

Mind your filters

Your engine needs a regular supply of clean air to help it run like new. Inversely, a dirty air filter is one of the causes of sluggish engine performance. By regularly changing your engine air filter, your engine will stay free of dust and small contaminants that can greatly affect performance. Paper filters are affordable, so this should be a budget-wise maintenance work to do. If you have extra money, you should go for a washable filter instead since it would save you money in the long run.

Get the best spark plugs you can afford

Iridium spark plugs are arguably among the best spark plugs that you can use to fire up your engine. However, they don’t come cheap so not everyone can afford them. A budget-friendly alternative is one made from platinum, which has benefits that are close to those you can enjoy from a premium iridium spark plug.

But if you have the money to burn, it’s better to go for the best-possible spark plugs in the market to enjoy a smoother and quieter engine, better throttle response, and longer service life.

Have your engine treated

These days, there are many companies that provide engine treatment using a proprietary machine that helps the engine perform better. Such a machine also promises significant fuel reduction and reduced emissions, so you’re getting the best value for your money.

Keep your tire pressure in check

close up of car driving in the curve

If you have the bad habit of driving your car straight from the garage without first checking your tires, then you’re unwittingly causing your engine undue stress.

You see, your engine would need to constantly run harder than normal just to move your car from point A to point B if the tires are under-inflated. Aside from stressing out your engine, you’re also burning more fuel with each trip.

That is why you should perform one of the easiest (and absolutely free of cost) tricks in the book: keeping your car’s tire pressure in check.

Take care of your car’s engine cooling system

One of the biggest strains that cause poor engine performance is heat. If the engine is too hot, it will become sluggish and eventually overheat. That is why your car’s engine cooling system must be kept in tip-top condition. Your radiator should always be checked for proper functioning and your coolant should be periodically topped up or flushed.

These preventive maintenance procedures will ensure that your engine cooling system works flawlessly to help the engine run properly. With these budget-friendly tips at your disposal, you should expect better engine performance from your car.