Pointers on Keeping Yourself Awake and Alert During Overnight Drives

Keeping Yourself Awake when driving

Overnight drives are to be expected if you’re traveling to faraway places for commercial or personal reasons. These trips can get perilous as both man and machine can get worn out with the former becoming tired and lacking focus and the latter experiencing wear and tear that increases the risk of accidents. If you want to avoid a trip to the hospital, as well as ludicrous medical and vehicle repair bills, then take note of these suggestions:

Lower the Heat a Bit

Being warm and cozy in your vehicle, or anywhere for that matter, can induce sleepiness and aggravate lethargy. You can’t let that happen unless you want to suddenly fall asleep behind the wheel and crash. Warming up the interior will tend to make the environment far too comfortable for your own good, so turn down the temperature a couple of notches so that you can stay alert and awake for the remainder of the trip. Enduring a few hours in a slightly colder climate is but a small price to pay for your safety.

Check the Vehicle Before the Trip

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes, so if you want to prevent any vehicle-related accidents caused by faulty brakes or other similar problems, then you need to fix your ride up before you hit the road. You can either do it yourself or have a reliable Sprinter repair company in Salt Lake City, such as Warner Vans of Utah, do the job for you. The latter may cost a bit more, but you are guaranteed a better result since professionals will be handling the affair. No one wants to spend extra time on the road, having to repair their vehicle on their own in the middle of nowhere.

Making Sure you stay awake when driving

Inspect Your Lights

You’ll be driving at nighttime, so you need your lights to be in good condition for you to be able to see through the darkness ahead. This isn’t just about your headlights, of course. The lights inside your vehicle are included as well since having little or no light inside will cause people to feel tired and sleepy. These are two states that your body shouldn’t be in when you’re out driving at night. Before your trip, check to see if your lights are good and bright.

Stop If You Need It

These measures can only be effective to a degree, so if you feel like your body is already failing you despite all of these actions, then don’t force it and head to the nearest stopover. Take a break and eat or take a quick nap just to relieve yourself of the stress or drowsiness that you’re feeling at the moment. Even if you’re on a tight schedule, you should always set some time for a bit of respite since your body needs it. You won’t be able to reach your destination if you get yourself into danger.

Staying in tip-top shape is a piece of advice that you should take not only for your vehicle but also for you, the driver, as well. It doesn’t matter if your body is used to these long and grueling hours or if your vehicle has served you well. You still need to perform these checks and precautions. Getting to your destination and back home safely is your top priority, so do yourself a favor and perform these steps before you drive.