To Splurge or Not to Splurge: Going Through Your Wedding Checklist

bride canvassing wedding dresses

The most expensive wedding in the world belonged to a princess.

Dubbed the ‘Wedding of the Century’, Lady Diana’s marriage to Charles, Prince of Wales, in 1981 cost a staggering $48 million. Adjusted for inflation, it amounts to about $110 million today. Truly an event befitting their status.

Not everyone has the resources of royalty, however. No matter how much we want to splurge on every aspect of our big day, we have a budget to honour. The key is to determine which items on your wedding checklist deserve a princely share of your budget. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

The Wedding Look

Admit it or not, the dress is one of your wedding’s highlights. Everyone’s looking forward to it, and it’s one of the things everybody remembers (for either positive or negative reasons). So your dress is definitely in the “splurge” category. Yes, it makes sense to choose a cheaper fabric or less intricate beadwork, but those extra bucks will go a long way in making you feel like the queen that you are.

This can sound a bit counter-intuitive, but it’s ideal to save on your makeup. You don’t have to look like a different person on your wedding day, so you don’t need a celebrity-level artist to do your makeup. You’re sure to find a makeup artist in your area that can work with your budget.

Also, save on accessories. Or better yet borrow sapphire pieces. That way, you have something borrowed as well as something blue. You’ll hit two birds with one stone.

Same goes for your shoes. Unless your gown is a midi frock, your shoes would largely be hidden from view. In fact, some brides prefer wearing trainers under their skirts. After all, they’re comfortable enough to last you through the walk down the aisle, the ceremony and a night of dancing. So, if the budget is tight, forego the sky-high heels with a sky-high price tag for something more economical.

Carriage or Car Hire

Princess Diana arrived at her wedding in a gorgeous, horse-drawn carriage. And what an entrance it was! The way you arrive at the place where your happily ever after begins is, without a doubt, another thing you need to splurge on.

You can make the same grand entrance with rental carriages. If you’re more of a modern bride, choose an executive car hire in the UK. Either way, you’re sure to grab everybody’s attention — even those who aren’t your guests. You can cope with those pre-wedding jitters better if you’re seated comfortably on luxurious upholstery.

wedding cake selection

Photography and Videography

You’re going to cherish your wedding photos and videos forever, so don’t skimp on these services. Do your research and find a shooter who suits your preferences, even if they’re expensive. Remember, the photographers and videographers will frame the events of your wedding. They have to be perfect, so it’s okay if you shell out extra bucks.

Venue and Décor

If you choose a venue that’s expensive, chances are, you’ll have to go over the budget to get the look and feel that you envision. So save on the venue, and allocate more to what’s going to be placed inside it.

Between furniture and décor, choose to splurge on the former. You may have abundant, classy centrepieces and accents, but unsightly chairs and tables would ruin the entire look. It’s better to have nice chairs and tables and minimal, but classy décor. That way, everything is consistently elegant.

Wedding Sweets

Like your dress, your cake is one of the wedding highlights. This should be a balance between splurge and save. Don’t skimp on the batter. This way, the cake will hold its shape during the transportation, ceremony, and reception. It’s important that it tastes good, too. Meanwhile, save on the tiers and decoration. A neat and simple design will go a long way.

Think twice before ordering extra desserts. Sure, they look good in photos, but people rarely notice them. Once the main courses are over, everyone will head to the dance floor. So, save the $5 per head and add it to your food budget.

People imagine weddings as a fairytale affair, but in the real world, there are very real concerns to address, such as your financial capability. Be smart about where you splurge and where you save so you can feel like a princess without turning to a pauper.