What You Can Learn from Horror Films

old abandoned haunted house

Since its creation, fiction has drawn in audiences and readers from every state of life. This is primarily due to its attribute of allowing people to ruminate on certain what-if scenarios. Some of these stories can be of romance and success, while others tell tales of monsters lurking.

Among the many genres that the public has access to, horror has its growing viewership. As Hollywood and independent filmmakers improve their craft and storytelling, there are a few tropes that remain prominent in most movies. If done right, they are enjoyable and eye-catching. If handled carelessly, they can be frustrating for the viewers. The most notable in the horror or genre is some of the characters’ illogical actions.

Characters in horror and thriller films are prone to making mistakes, which likely lead to their demise. This is prominent in all of the films in the genre, be it a mid-western horror set in Alcove Springs, KS, where two characters find themselves stranded without any emergency car accessories or gas; or a suspenseful thriller set in New York City, where people mind their own business, making it more difficult to get help.

Regardless of the circumstances, viewers are probably screaming and thinking that they can do better than the characters on the screen. But, what should you actually do in order to survive these gruesome scenarios in movies, and in real life if they were to happen?

Never Split Up

There’s a benefit in numbers. More people in a group means a higher possibility of fighting off would-be threats. This means that suggestions of splitting up to cover more area during searches should be shut down immediately. While it’s an efficient process, nothing in life is easier alone. Independence is good, but it’s important to understand the value of others.

Keep Cool and Watch Your Step

Panicking is inevitable, but taking deep breaths and attempting to keep calm will be more beneficial compared to making a ruckus and drawing more attention to yourselves. Furthermore, if you need to run away from a potential threat, you should keep a close eye on the surrounding area. Taking careful but quick steps will likely result in survival. After all, tripping and falling to the ground makes it easier for bad entities to reach you.

Prepare for Survival

Vampire and witch opening the door of the haunted house

This means it’s important to cover all bases. Vehicle owners should make sure that their cars are ready to be ridden in case of emergencies, so check car batteries, gasoline, and extra car keys. Survival kits are always a plus. Never forget phone chargers, along with a trusty knife for defense, flashlights with durable batteries, and other necessities like food and water.

Be Wary of Strangers

This is perhaps the oldest rule in the book of survival, and something that’s taught as early as childhood. While it’s good to give people the benefit of the doubt, it’s also important to be careful about trusting strangers too easily because you can never be too sure of their intentions.

People who are always prepared and exhibit common sense and competency in caring for themselves are more likely to survive horrific events than those who do not. While these tips are most applicable in horror films, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be utilized in real life.