Why Are Utes so Popular

White ute headlight

Everyone seems interested in buying utes nowadays. Their popularity only appears to grow over the years without showing signs of waning. A major reason for this can be attributed to their versatility and how more folks, aside from tradies and farmers, find utes suitable for their lifestyle.

For work and family

The first ute was made in 1934 in response to the request which an Australian farming family sent to Ford Motors. The request said, “why don’t you build people like us a vehicle to go to church in on Sunday, and which can carry our pigs to market on Monday?” With this background, we can assume that from the beginning, the ute has been made for work and family.

This is apparent through the ute’s build itself. Tradespeople can load a huge variety of cargo in the tray while the cabin has enough leg room and space to accommodate the family. Some dual-cab utes are also built for off-roading, allowing you to take your ute for work across rough terrain or for a family adventure. There are also manufacturers that provide features similar to passenger vehicles, making utes more comfortable and safe for families.


The ANCAP safety testing has given five-star ratings to two popular ute models (Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger), which could mean that modern utes are as safe as cars in a crash. Since utes place drivers higher, they can be able to see more of the road too. There are also different safety features a ute can have such as advance collision warning, reversing cameras, cruise control and GPS navigation, although you may have to pay more for those.

Large towing capacity

Car towing strap

Among the vehicles that you can drive with a normal car licence, utes may just have the largest towing capacity at 3,500 kg. This could appeal to a lot of people, including tradies. If your family is going on holiday, for example, the huge towing capacity of utes can allow you to tow a caravan, a trailer or even a boat. Of course, this might also come in handy for road emergencies.

Financial benefits for businesses

Some may find utes a little bit pricey. Whether you are looking at new or used utes for sale, chances are you will be buying a vehicle that gives you great value for its worth. This is especially applicable if you are looking for utes to use in your business. Generally, utes depreciate slowly and have a great resale value. Some models continue to hold their value well if they have been on the market for several years. Also, you may not have to pay Fringe Benefit Tax on utes that are only used for business.

Since utes can be so versatile in terms of function and purpose, they could easily fit into the lifestyle of many people. Considering how these vehicles are constantly improving along with technology, it might be safe to say that more and more people will find utes useful and that they will not have a drastic decrease in popularity anytime soon.